The first of a new regular column from the Australian Culinary Federation, the leading national association representing professional chefs, cooks, apprentices and culinary students. This issue new ACF National President Karen Doyle shares with us her vision for the Federation.

Heading for the Future – Karen’s vision for the ACF



I AM HONOURED and humbled to have been elected as the President of the Australian Culinary Federation. The ACF has a long history as an association and support organisation for chefs, cooks, apprentices and all areas associated with the culinary industry here in Australia. Based on the foundations of education, competition and community, my focus will be to build on this and take the ACF to new heights.

This new column will complement ‘Upfront,’ a monthly video update on Foodservice Rep’s companion platform My plan is to feature news and information from across the association, with different columnists telling you about our various activities, events and competitions in each edition.

 We have built a strong competition base with a dedicated and enthusiastic competition committee and would like to add more attention to both education and community.

Portuguese Duck Pizza using Krio Krush Barrero Portuguese Seasoning

With the pending Skills IQ Commercial Cookery Discussion Paper out for review and appraisal, work is commencing on providing feedback from the association and its members to insure that the training and education that our young chefs receive meets industry standards and needs. I implore all to spend the time to provide feedback through the association to insure there is a strong voice from the frontline of industry.

Another concerning trend in the industry is the rising number and severity of mental health issues in what has been historically a stressful and demanding industry. We need to focus on our community and help and support each other and move the emphasis back to the passion and excitement that drew many of us to this industry in the first place. We should not underestimate the value of community and connection that the ACF can bring with social and networking events.

All of the above is a natural extension of the foundations of education, competition and community.  My immediate goal is to encourage new memberships, support the industry, foster a proactive community of practice and have some fun along the way!


National President