Foodservice REP goes Digital with it’s Centenary Edition 

ONE HUNDRED. There is something special about the number. We celebrate the turn of a century, a person’s 100th birthday – it’s a point we use to mark progress, and an opportunity to look back at what’s been achieved.


And with this issue of Foodservice Rep that you hold in your hands – or are reading online in our new format webmag – we’re celebrating 100 editions of the magazine and reflecting on how both the foodservice sector and publishing has changed over that time.

When we launched Foodservice Rep in the early 1990s, it was a cooperative industry newsletter which enabled foodservice manufacturers and suppliers to communicate directly to their end-users – foodservice professionals across the spectrum of the market.

From the start, we wanted to ensure that our readership encompassed as broad a spread of foodservice establishments as possible – not just restaurants and cafes, but a wide range of operations.


And we wanted to position the magazine as an alternative to the well-established foodservice news-based publications that had forged out their place in the market.

So Foodservice Rep was designed from the outset as a feature-based publication. Each participating foodservice supplier contributing to the magazine highlighted their products and services in the form of feature articles.

Additionally, each issue featured a profile piece of a leading foodservice professional as our cover story. From John Walther Thomas as our first, we’ve covered a wide variety of occupations within the industry - from chefs and restaurateurs to caterers, procurement managers and industry movers and shakers like Rick Smith of PFD Foodservices.


Of course, as the foodservice industry has grown over the decades, we’ve evolved alongside it. When we started, the number of women in foodservice was far less than it is today, so the vast majority of our cover story profiles were on men. As time has gone on, many more have entered the industry, and we’ve been pleased to have the opportunity to tell their stories – like internationally renowned Christy Tania, our cover story for last issue.

We’ve also embraced the advent of the online realm, using a variety of formats to bring you digital versions of the magazine.

Now, with 100 print issues under our belt, Foodservice Rep is going fully digital with the launch of our new webmag.

Future issues will be accessible at, where you’ll be able to access all the same informative, interesting content that the magazine has always provided – along with useful digital extras like videos, brochures and weblinks, all embedded within the one platform.

That means the magazine will be easier to navigate online than ever before, with all information at your fingertips. If only we’d had this technology back in the nineties!

Our thanks to our supporters, our advertisers and especially to our readers, whose feedback over the years has been invaluable.

Lorraine Lovelock, Publisher.