Sauce Caddies Raise the Bar for Consumers’ Pub Dining Experience

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CONSUMER RESEARCH conducted at the end of last year by Kraft Heinz Foodservice has yielded some insightful results, showing how tabletop sauce bottle caddies can enhance your customers’ pub dining experience.

A key finding was that while eight out of ten people like to be able to serve themselves sauce with their food, one in two of them hate having to ask for it.

“We found that people were concerned about asking for sauce for a number of reasons – for example, it might arrive too late, it might not arrive at all or it might not be a trusted brand that the consumer prefers,” explains Kraft Heinz Marketing Manager Marisa Jones.

“Another issue is that consumers worry that if sauce is not provided upfront and they have to ask for it, they’ll be charged extra. Our research showed that eight out of ten Australian diners do not expect to pay extra for sauce – they consider it part of the service to have it served with their meal. In fact 86 per cent of consumers say they love it when sauce is given as a freebie.”

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Marisa also makes the point that when customers have to order sauce as a meal add-on, it’s another element for the wait staff to have to remember and bring to the table – and one that’s easy to overlook during busy service times.

A simple solution to all these concerns is to provide tabletop sauce caddies such as those available from Kraft Heinz Foodservice.

“Placing a sauce caddy on the tabletop makes it easy for consumers to serve themselves and reduces the pressure on wait staff. And when the caddy includes our trusted brands such as Heinz, HP and Lea and Perrins, it raises the customer’s quality perception of your establishment because they can see you’re using brands they would choose themselves.

“Eighty per cent of consumers we surveyed said they’d prefer to see Heinz sauce when dining out as opposed to a generic bottle or sauce served in a ramekin – they want the assurance that they’re being served a quality brand.”

The new Kraft Heinz sauce caddies are durable, high quality, easy to use and have been designed to fit a variety of different type bottle. “Not only are they perfect for the pub market, they’re also ideal for burger bars, cafes, even aged care – anywhere that offers a casual dining experience. You simply include the sauce caddy while setting the table after the customer has ordered, or retain it as a permanent feature.”

You can vary the sauce on offer in the caddy to fit with the food you serve. For burger bars, Marisa recommends ketchup, sauce and mustard, whereas if you’re serving a café brunch you might include Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and HP sauce. Of course you can change the contents to suit different meal occasions.

“It’s about tapping in to the customisation trend – consumers expect to be able to customise their meals, and one way of providing that experience is by giving them the ability to add sauce,” Marisa adds. “We’ve placed the sauce caddies in a number of establishments and the feedback has been great, and we anticipate demand for them will continue to grow as the market recognises the convenience they offer. Features like this can be the point of difference that raises the bar for the consumer’s dining experience and makes them choose your establishment over the competition.”