Turkey Takes Centre Stage At Christmas


THERE ARE SOME THINGS IN LIFE which just seem so natural together that we wouldn’t dream of separating them. Turkey and Christmas is a perfect example. This meat is so much a part of the traditional festive season meal that we couldn’t imagine Christmas without it – it’s as vital as holly, mistletoe and carol-singing.

 Even in sunny Australia, where there’s zero chance of a white Christmas and you’re more likely to be playing cricket than ice-skating, turkey has maintained its honoured position on this most favourite of occasions.

 And with the festive season only a few short months away, foodservice professionals such as chefs, restaurateurs and caterers have already started planning their function menus and getting their turkey orders placed in a bid to beat the rush.

 While turkey is a terrific meat to offer all year round, demand is always strongest during the festive season. This has tended to obscure just how versatile a meat it can be – but today’s turkey products embrace such a wide range of styles, from raw whole birds through to a variety of easy to prepare and serve options, that it’s small wonder that it’s become a mainstay of the function menu.

 The growing comprehensiveness of the turkey range available from major poultry suppliers like Ingham’s highlights this growing recognition in the foodservice market of the versatility of turkey as a year-round performer.

While the Ingham’s range naturally includes top quality whole raw turkeys available flavour basted or plain and the much-in-demand raw Turkey Buffé, available fresh or frozen, whole or deboned, there are also fully cooked products like the ready to serve Turkey Buffé which is available either smoked or oven roasted. These have long been a favourite of foodservice professionals due to their ease of preparation.

 In fact some of the most popular products in the range are those that have been designed for minimal preparation and maximum flavour and tenderness.

 These include Ingham’s Carvery Roast, a 3kg premium ready-to-roast item made from marinated turkey breast meat to lock in flavour and moisture, and ensure tenderness is maintained during the cooking process.

 Or for something a little smaller, why not serve up Ingham’s Turkey Half Breast. Fully deboned and ready to slice and serve, it’s available in Oven Roasted, and Sweet Herb and Mustard varieties.

 So be sure to stock up now for the festive season – and serve your customers the terrific taste of 100 per cent Australian turkey.

 For turkey tips and recipe ideas visit www.Ingham’s.com.au/foodservice