Chefs Supporting Chefs Is The Idea behind Unilever Food Solutions’ New Campaign

UNILEVER FOOD SOLUTIONS has launched its new corporate campaign ‘We’re for U’ which aims to highlight its ability to provide practical solutions for chefs across many facets of the commercial kitchen, as they are pushed to become more commercially astute due to tougher budgets, insufficient skilled staff and more demanding and discerning customers.

While ‘We’re For U’ showcases the brands Unilever Food Solutions is famous for, it will also make chefs aware of the expertise, intensive global research and on-trend recipe development available to them which has been created by the 300 chefs Unilever Food Solutions employs worldwide.


“Chefs want the confidence that if it’s out of a pack, it better be bloody brilliant”

Andrew Ballard - Executive Chef ANZ

Unilever Food Solutions Managing Director Yezdi Daruwalla, Executive Chef Andrew Ballard and Corporate Chef Erin Martin are three of the 16 chefs showcased in the ‘We’re For U’ campaign in Australasia.

Before going to market, the Unilever Food Solutions team creates recipe solutions with base products which are designed to be as close as possible to scratch recipes. “Chefs want the confidence that if it’s out of a pack, it better be bloody brilliant,” says Andrew Ballard. “And if a chef reaches out to us and he wants to make a difference, with recipes or ideas or saving money, we can help him make that difference.”

 ‘We’re For U’ is also about making chefs aware that Unilever Food Solutions has their back with a local and global network of ideas, in addition to a great array of quality products.

 “These are products that are needed and going to be useful every day,” says Erin Martin. “A chef can take many of our ingredients and use them in so many diverse ways. It’s about me getting in the test kitchen, developing the recipe concepts and then being able to deliver them to the chef.”

Unilever Food Solutions offers chefs the latest in R&D, technology and food safety from chefs across 72 countries and ‘We’re For U’ is a campaign that will communicate that to the marketplace.

 “We’re For U is our way of explaining to the market who we are and what we do,” says Yezdi Daruwalla. “We’re chefs who understand your challenges and want to help you run a more successful businesses.”

 “This is an evolution of what we call our chefmanship,” he adds. “Some chefs are interested in recipe inspiration, some chefs are interested in food safety, some are interested in better efficiency in the kitchen, so all of those kinds of things are what we can tailor to each customer to meet what their needs are.”